On Friday, the team visited the Rosignol and D'Edward villages on the West Bank of Berbice. Ms. Gloria Davidson-James, Senior Schools' Welfare Officer, Ms. Adel White, Literacy Officer, Ms. Adel White, Education Officer (SEN), Ms. Akesha Benjamin, Schools' Welfare Officer, Ms. Roxan LaRose, Probation and Social Services Officer, Ms. Althea Hooke, and Probation Officer, Ms. Lucresha Pompey, both of the Childcare and Protection Agency, were among those who took part in the outreach. The team was also accompanied by two officers from the Blairmont Police Station.

During the visits, parents were encouraged to keep their children engaged in schoolwork while at home. The Literacy Officer distributed reading materials and assisted parents with tips for helping their children while Ms. Benjamin informed parents about Special Education Needs. The Region's Welfare Officers offered psychosocial support to both parents and students. Stationery, mask and sanitisers were also distributed to residents.
These exercises are a frequent feature by the Region's Department of Education as they continue to meet the needs of our stakeholders despite the pandemic.