• Guyana Education Strategic Plan (ESP) 2021- 2025
  • External News: ‘Study hard and you will achieve greatness’ – NGSA 2021 top performers
  • Parenting Tip:Four Ideas to Encourage Family Reading Time.
  • Teaching Tip:Five Metacognitive Questions For Students Learning New Material
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ngsa 2021 results

Launch of Risk Management Policy

Parents Tips

Four Ideas to Encourage Family Reading Time

It’s important to carve out quality time to spend with your kids each day. But there are some days when that’s easier said than done!

Helping Your Child Think Through Decisions

When my son was 5, he came home from a neighbor’s yard upset. “All the kids want to play soccer and I hate soccer!” He began to stomp up to...

Helping Your Seven-Year-Old Develop Independence and Self-Confidence

From taking their first steps to learning how to read, children gain self-confidence as they master new skills. This gives them the courage to continue to explore and expand their...

Teaching Tips

Five Metacognitive Questions For Students Learning New Material

New materials can leave kids in the fog. Here are five metacognitive questions they can use to find their way and become more independent learners.

Four Assessment Strategies for Distance and Hybrid Learning

A few ways to set up formative and summative assessments that provide an accurate picture of what students know.

Teaching Students to Transfer Their Learning to New Contexts

The start of a unit is a great time to encourage students to see how what they’re learning applies in different situations.