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atlantic reader series

Parents Tips

How to Help Your Child with Homework?

“Mom, I need help with this problem.” “Dad, I cannot understand the question.” What are your initial responses to such statements of your child? Get to action and help complete the...

How to Communicate With and Listen to Your Teen

Many parents have questions that start with, “What do I say when…?” However, parents need to understand that it is “less important what you say, and more important that you listen.”

50 Things Every New Parent Should Know

Becoming a parent for the first time is life-altering. You probably already know that. What you don’t know is just how life-altering it actually is. There’s no going back. And...

Teaching Tips

How a Teacher Can Improve Students' Homework Performance

One of the great struggles of modern education is getting students to finish their homework. Even worse, when homework does get completed, students often lack the understanding of the subject matter to perform well. So...

How to effectively communicate with your child’s teacher?

Your child’s teacher is perhaps the only person who spends a lot of time with her every day except for you. It is important that you are in touch with her at all times. Positive...

Things Every New Teacher Should Know

A new teacher hopes to be ready for anything at the start of teaching, but that is seldom the case. I asked a few teachers to tell me the one thing they wish they knew...