Gaining Access

  • Any person who is not a member of the staff, or a student would be deemed a visitor. Such persons would be granted entry by the Headteacher or a senior member of staff. Person(s) monitoring the gate must make entry in the visitors’ register regarding the visitor’s name, purpose of visit, person being visited. In the case of vehicular traffic, particulars of the vehicle should also be noted.
  • The Headteacher/ Senior Teacher present at the time of the visit should request photo identification/ letter of authority issued by the Regional Education Officer/ Ministry of Education.
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Co- Curricula Activities after school

All students involved in approved co-curricula activities should bring written letters of consent from their parents/guardians.
The Headteacher is directed to set clear rules and sanctions as it relates to co-curricula activities after school. Students should be supervised at all times during these activities.

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In a school, a search is defined as a keen examination of a person, his/her belongings or school premises/grounds.

What constitutes a search?

  • Examining personal items or places that are in the open and exposed to public view
  • Physically examining or patting down a student’s body or clothing, including the student’s pockets
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Search of Locker, Bag, School Premises and Seizures

  • Locker searches in school and dormitory should be routinely conducted by the school in collaboration with Department of Education staffers, such as, Schools Welfare Officers and District Education Officers and members of Parent Teachers Association/ School Board.
  • Searches should be scheduled and unscheduled.
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Regulating access to school - movement and assembling

Schools need to control access to the learning environment if security and safety are to be realised. School safety efforts should take into account the features of the school and the surrounding community. Safety measures should include maintaining a strong school visitor policy and limiting school entry points.

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