In an effort to improve standards within the Teaching profession, with immediate effect the following are not permitted as part of dress on any day of the week.

(a) T-Shirt i.e. short, round neck vest type garments.

(b) Jerseys with reading of any kind whether it is

“I love New York”
“I love Guyana” etc.
Or jerseys advertising football team members or institutions.

(c) Untidy Shirts – this concerns both male and female Shirts, if they are worn over pants must be square bottomed and not scalloped at the two (2) sides (referred to as shirt – tails).

(d) Slippers – Slippers are not permitted in classroom, except in cases of injury to your body, in which case you must so indicate to your supervisor.

(e) Pedal Pushers – Please keep your pedal pushers for after work. Indecently tight pants, pants with elastic or bands at the bottom are not permitted in the classroom.

(f) Jewellery and make-up – Keep them simple. Excessive amount of jewellery and/or make-up distract. They are not suited for the classroom.

(g) Tube tops and straps Tops/strap dresses – These are not to be worn at work.

(h) Transparent blouses – It is indecent to reveal the stitches in you underwear through thin transparent blouses. Do not wear these at work.

(i) Plunging necklines – not be worn at work.

(j) Party Dresses – dresses/skirts are to be worn not shorter than two inches above your knees.

Any breach of the dress code will be dealt with appropriately.

Dressing appropriately requires a certain attitude to your to yourself respect and a concern for high standards.