In addition to established guidelines for admission to Secondary Schools a student falling into any of the categories mentioned above, shall be given a written test in Mathematics and English in order to determine the school to which he/she shall be placed.

This test which is referred to as the Placement Assessment is conducted in July and December. Students who missed the opportunity to write the Placement Assessment will be offered accommodation at a List B school.

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Applications will be accepted from:

  • Students who have obtained the score for a school with a higher cut-off score than is stated on the students results slip or
  • The computer has allocated a school lower than the score received by the students.

Placement will then be made in accordance with spaces available in the schools requested. Priority will be given to higher score.

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Students should NOT be denied the ‘Right’ to participate in school-based activities, owing to non-payment of fees or non-submission of supplies.

It is important, and is therefore a right, that children be given every opportunity to participate in school based activities, National Assessments, and Regional Examinations.


The Ministry of Education would like to take this opportunity to make you aware that measures were put in place to ensure that children are provided with the best learning experience and that efforts are being made to ensure all stakeholders are well informed.

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