– several small businesses kick-started with aid from Small Business Bureau

– young people benefit after completing entrepreneurial training

– persons hailed from Albouystown, Sophia, La Penitence, Mocha and North and South Ruimveldt communities, participated in the 12-week training programme under CSSP

Twenty-three young people from across five communities will soon have their businesses up and running after completing an entrepreneurial training programme. The budding entrepreneurs will receive either $310,000 (US$1,500) from the Small Business Bureau to kick start their businesses.

The young people who hailed from Albouystown, Sophia, La Penitence, Mocha and North and South Ruimveldt communities, participated in a 12-week training programme which falls under the first component of the Citizens Security Strengthening Programme (CSSP) piloted by the Ministry of Public Security. The CSSP aims to contribute to a reduction in crime and violence in Guyana, especially in the targeted communities and among young people, by increasing their human and social capacity.news 20190509 5

During the training, the participants were tasked with developing a plan detailing their business. They also received $26,000 stipend per month.

Mary Flue, who hails from Sophia, will be using her grant to get her restaurant up and running by November. The overjoyed young lady said it was not easy, but she never gave up on her dreams.

“I worked very hard to get where I am right now, and I thank the SBB and the CSSP for this opportunity today. There are opportunities out there, you have to grab it, it will not come to you, it takes hard work,” she stated.news 20190509 4

Tandica Hunte owns a small home-made ice cream shop. She also sews and designs business cards in the Albouystown community. With the training received, Hunte will not only be able to expand her business but better manage it as well. “With the training, I learnt a lot about business management, how to have self-control with customers, and how to prepare it your financial books and how to buy the right product for your business.”

Coordinator of the programme, Dr. Clement Henry reminded the young people that the development of Guyana’s youth remains a top priority for the government. He said that the administration aims to empower young people through innovative training opportunities. “Entrepreneurship and education and skills building will aid our young people in developing their skills and putting them in a position to make valuable contributions to the lives of their families, to their communities and this beautiful country Guyana. I say to you my young friends, doors of opportunity are opening to you, doors that were not present for my generation and the great challenge facing you today so to enter these doors as they open.”

In brief remarks, Chief Executive Officer of the Small Business Bureau (SBB), Lowell Porter urged the graduates not to squander the opportunity they have been afforded. They were also encouraged to network as it will help to grow their businesses in Guyana’s evolving economy.