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E waste Management Guidelines GESP Project P174244 September

The Education Strategic Plan (ESP) 2021-2025 – Vision 2030 sets five priority areas which focus on (a) improving governance and accountability, (b) improving performance at all levels, (c) improving the efficiency of the education sector, (d) reducing inequities in education, and (e) contributing to lifelong learning and employability.

The Government, with support of the International Development Association (IDA) through the World Bank is currently implementing the Guyana Education Sector Plan Implementation Grant for further enhancement of the education sector and assist in implementation of the ESP. The Project will assist the Government in achieving its goals by focusing on improving learning outcomes at the pre-primary and primary levels, supporting management of systems, and targeting vulnerable students to reducing inequities, all of which would increase future economic opportunities for students.

The project comprised of three components. Component 2 focuses on the promotion of technology assisted learning at the primary level. Under this component tablets will be provided to both students and teachers to support this objective. In addition, smart classrooms will be established to support learning. These classrooms will be equipped with smart boards, desktops, laptops and LCD projectors. Component 3 of the project focuses on institutional capacity strengthening, including the scaling up of the Education Management Information System (EMIS). This component will provide tablets to both primary and secondary schools to assist with this objective.

During the screening and appraisal of the project it was determined that the main potential environmental risk is the appropriate management of the e-waste to be generated through the implementation of the components 2 and 3 through the tablet programs and smart classrooms. It was recommended that the e-waste to be generated from these initiatives should be managed through developing and implementing e-waste management guidelines, which should be prepared as a standalone document. The MoE had committed to the preparation of the guidelines for the management of e-waste in the Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP) prepared for the proejct.

In this regard, these guidelines contained in this document were prepared. This document outlines the guidelines for the collection, storage, transport, and disposal of e-waste in accordance with national requirements and best practices.

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