The Headteacher and staff of Hotoquai primary school, one of the riverine schools in Region One (1) Barima-waini, have been engaging children and parents in an unconventional manner.

Their 'One teaching aid per home' initiative has been bearing fruit - they have created paper and board games on a given topic, inclusive of dominoes, puzzles etc. Small project were prepared relating to Science, Social Studies, Maths, Englih depending on the level or grade the children are at for each home.
Parents are taught how to play the fun educational games with the children. Every Friday the teachers are at school, so parents can come in and new games are provided.
Parents can also drop in students work in a drop box where these are marked and returned. What is important is that parents are participating in this exercise. The school and community had become a 'community of learning' through the Pandemic.

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