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Dr. Petal Punalall-Jetoo
National Science Coordinator(NCERD)

Dr. Petal Punalall-Jetoo is the National Science Coordinator and heads the Science Unit within the Ministry of Education NCERD, Guyana. She is responsible for designing, implementing and monitoring programmes that improve Secondary School science education. She introduced the Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) pilot project for Primary Schools in collaboration with the Caribbean Academy of Sciences (CAS) and UNESCO.

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Ms. Carol Ann Benn
Senior Education Officer / National Coordinator PTAs

Ms. Carol Ann Benn is currently employed with the Ministry as a Senior Education Officer / National Coordinator PTAs with responsibility for Management and supervision of all PTAs in Guyana. Among her many responsibilities, Ms Benn manages and supervises all PTAs in Guyana and communicates with others around the Caribbean; Organized, hosted and facilitated at Parenting Workshops at selected schools throughout Guyana; Structured the Ministry of Education Student programme.

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Ms. Bernadette Lorraine Barker – King
Head – Administrator Allied Arts Unit

Bernadette Lorraine Barker – King born March 26, 1958 at 36 Sandy Babb Street, Kitty, Bernadette, commonly known as Lorraine, was the fifth of seven siblings. At a very tender age, she was groomed by teachers for that noble profession since she also had a natural aptitude for the Performing Arts.

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Ms. Jennifer Cumberbatch
Director of NCERD

With the backing of 38 years of experience as an educator, Jennifer Cumberbatch was appointed as Director of NCERD in October 2012.Mrs. Cumberbatch was formerly attached to NCERD as Science text book writer, subject specialist in Science, curriculum writer and radio teacher on the Broadcast to Schools and Interactive Radio Instruction Programme. She was also a member of the board of CPCE and the Teacher Education Advisory Board.

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Dr. Marcel Raymond Hutson
Chief Education Officer

Dr. Hutson's passion for education is rooted in his love for children, his desire to see them fulfill their potential. Hence his mission which is to facilitate quality teaching in the classroom through continuous Professional Development of teachers and effective monitoring and supervision that will produce literate and numerate pupils that will foster smooth transitions from Primary to Secondary education.

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