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Placing Entrepreneurship on the Cutting Edge of Knowledge


In today’s overtly competitive ethos there is a strong tendency to take technological centrality in businesses for granted and consequently there is injudicious reliance for knowledge on foreign sources. The disproportionate time and energies given to vaunted economic fundamentals, such as inflation, interest and exchange rates, with almost total neglect of the urgency for proper science and technology (S&T) foundations, are ample testimony of this fact. This, despite that it is now widely accepted that the creation of a country’s wealth and dynamism depend on the innovativeness and the scientific caliber of its firms. While these factors in-turn rely on the scientific and technological capabilities of its workers, knowledge and aptitude of its entrepreneurs, and acute awareness of its leaders, managers and bankers, of the imperative to operate in fast moving technological circumstances.

Many countries experiencing anemic economic growth have turned to the promotion of entrepreneurship to launch new enterprises and increase productivity and trade. Unfortunately, this is being conducted without much consideration for the technological skills, imagination and innovation, that are necessary for sustainability.

This paper therefore advances the idea that the mere teaching and promotion of entrepreneurship will not accelerate production, productivity and innovation to competitive levels, without contributions from nibble knowledge systems.

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