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Ms. Jennifer Cumberbatch
Director of NCERD

With the backing of 38 years of experience as an educator, Jennifer Cumberbatch was appointed as Director of NCERD in October 2012.Mrs. Cumberbatch was formerly attached to NCERD as Science text book writer, subject specialist in Science, curriculum writer and radio teacher on the Broadcast to Schools and Interactive Radio Instruction Programme. She was also a member of the board of CPCE and the Teacher Education Advisory Board. She continues to serve on several boards. This long serving educator is the holder of several awards for academic achievement including the President's Medal (1999) and Teacher of the Year, Georgetown. As headmistress she inspired her students, teachers, parents and fellow head-teachers alike. She was often called Judge Judy by her pupils due to her wisdom in settling 'cases' at school. Her favorite pieces of advice to her teachers were be sure to be worth your salt and don't collect money under false pretenses. She really enjoyed teaching children and just being with them. Another of her favorite activities is helping teachers to be better at their jobs. Out of her concern for teachers she became quite involved in the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU), even becoming Deputy General Secretary. When not hard at work Mrs. Cumberbatch enjoyed gardening, reading a good book, family time and looking at movies which involved detectives. She also enjoys singing in church and at concerts. She loves the Lord, who is her driving force. She is happily married to Raymond and has three lovely grown children.


As a young Secondary School leaver, she entered the Government Training College (GTC) in 1975 and left a graduate of the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE) with a First Class Grade One trained teacher's certificate. Prior to assuming the post at NCERD Mrs. Cumberbatch served as Head-teacher of the Winfer Gardens Primary School. She holds not only a Certificate of Education and a Bachelor of Education Degree in Administration and Teaching with Distinction from the University of Guyana but also a Masters in Education.

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