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Monday, 15 October 2018 09:31

Addressing Persistent Defiance

Any student may refuse to cooperate at times, but handling students with oppositional defiant disorder requires that teachers have a plan.

We all have students who test our limits. Most kids can be uncooperative at times, especially if they’re tired, hungry, or feeling overwhelmed. For certain age groups, like 2- to 3-year-olds and teenagers, noncooperative behavior is a normal part of development.

Thursday, 11 October 2018 10:41

Influence Students by Gaining their Respect

Memorize and implement all the strategies you want but if you don’t learn to command the respect of your students you will be fighting a battle every single day. Respect is the base ingredient for classroom management; few (if any) classroom management tactics will work without it.

Tuesday, 09 October 2018 09:03

5 Creative Ways Teachers Can Engage Students

It can be difficult enough to keep adults engaged in meetings, let alone a classroom of students with waning attention spans. Here are five methods you can combat distraction in the classroom.

Teachers are always looking to better facilitate the understanding, retention, and application of new information for their students, but students have diverse learning needs and each may require an individual—creative— approach. Instead of dreading disengagement, acknowledge it and begin to build your arsenal against it.

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