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Three Guyanese Students to Participate in Program for Innovation in Science and Engineering

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The Ministry of Education is pleased to announce that three outstanding students: Cecil Cox who topped the Caribbean in the Sciences in 2013, Benedict Sukra, and Lawrence Faria have been accepted to the Program for Innovation in Science and Engineering (SPISE) which is held on the campus of the UWI, Cave Hill, Barbados.

Brain Research and Learning – A move for Inexact to Exact Research

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Education and learning take place in the brain. However, for the brain to study itself was a challenge. Consequently in the past, many of the approaches and techniques used to determine the best teaching and learning methods were conducted by indirect qualitative type studies.
Today how a network of cells, or neurons, that compose the brain, can produce thoughts, memories and actions, are steadily being unravelled. So much so, that a project is now on the way to simulate the human brain using super computers. Creating artificial memories have already been achieved.
This being the case, this paper argues that those involved in improving teaching and learning should follow and apply more exact information coming directly from quantitative studies. To authenticate this proposition, examples of applicable research results in mathematics and science are provided.

National Science Fair Slated for Region 2 - More than 100 schools to participate

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The Ministry of Education will be hosting its National Science, Mathematics and Technology Fair 2014 under the theme “Science, Mathematics and Technology: Providing Solutions for the 21st century”. This is the final of the several such regional events.

Over 100 science projects will be on display from schools from across the country.

We would like to encourage the public to support our students as they demonstrate the use of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to solve local school and community problems. Some of the features of the 2014 National Science Fair include an educational movie corner, awareness workshops on Mangroves, Climate Change, Microscience experiments and Interactive Mathematics.


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