Ministry of Education, Guyana

I Can Make a Difference “Zero New HIV Infections”


Project Goal:

  • To reduce the vulnerability of In- School Youth to HIV&AIDS infection.
  • To reduce the number of New HIV Infections among In- School Youths.
  • To build the capacity of Out-of-School Youths in addressing Risky Sexual Behaviours and mitigation strategies toward Healthy Sexual Behaviours.

MOE Project Title: Safe Guarding Our Work Force

HIV Focal Point: Janelle Sweatnam

Milestones & Background


The Education system continues to have an impact on HIV & AIDS, young people who fail to complete a basic education, are twice as likely to become infected with HIV. Education helps to overcome the conditions that facilitate the spread of HIV and can create the understanding and tolerance that contribute to reduced stigma and discrimination against vulnerable and marginalized communities and people living with HIV.

It is important that we strengthen the education sector’s response to HIV and safeguard our children and our workforce.

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