Ministry of Education, Guyana

Role of Schools Welfare Officers


This job is both Socially Diagnostic and Coordinative and includes the Schools Welfare Officer (SWO) operating as Healthy Family and Life Education (HFLE) and Special Education Officers (SPO).

                The Schools Welfare Officer (SWO) is responsible to the Chief SWO for the implementation of Policies as handed down to the CSWO by Ministry of Education’s policy makers and for the delivery…
  Counselling and Consultation are an important part of what the school welfare officer does.
  Child advocacy and child empowerment are extreamly important aspects of the role of a social worker.
                 Since schools are frequently faced with students' behavioral problems and other social needs that extend beyond the purview of the educational setting, networking with local community resources is essential.
The implementation of social welfare programs such as Parent Education and otherprograms, remains a critical part in educating and sensitizing persons of the issues facing children and adolecence, as well as how to deal with such issues.  table{ border-collapse: collapse;…
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