Ministry of Education, Guyana

School Access Policy - Operating Times

The Headteacher is directed to establish the operating times for access to the school plant, taking into consideration the following:

  • The opening Time – The beginning of the school day.
  • The General Entry and Exit Periods – At the beginning/end of the school day/session there will be a heavy flow of traffic therefore, arrangements should be put in place to monitor entrance/exit points. The teachers, members of the Student Government/Prefect Body/Monitors have a major role to play here.
  • The General Teaching/Class Period and Scheduled Breaks – The entrance and exit points should be locked and monitored.
  • Co-curricula Periods – Students should be monitored when they are at break, on the play ground, using the library/library corner, in club meetings etc.
  • Movement and gathering during class time

    The Headteacher is directed to ensure that all classes are supervised by a teacher during instructional time. As such, teachers’ non-attendance must be kept to a minimum. Students moving about or assembling during instructional period must get permission from a teacher.
    No student should be allowed to leave the school’s premises without the written consent of the Headteacher or a senior member of staff.

    School Access Policy – Students

    • Access to the school’s premises before opening time and after the closing time must be by way of a written permission from the Headteacher.
    • Students arriving subsequent to the General Entry Period, although late, must be allowed to enter the school. Such students can be sanctioned by the school. Entries must also be made in the late attendance register.
    • Written permission from the Headteacher or a senior member of staff must be given to any student desirous of leaving the school plant between the Opening time and the end of the Session (morning or afternoon).
    • Students who are suspended must not leave the school plant until the end of a session unless in the company of a parent/guardian.
    • Suspended students should not be allowed onto the school’s plant without written permission from the Headteacher or a senior member of staff.
    • At the end of the school day any student who is not prohibited by the Headteacher or other teachers from leaving, such as students on detention, can exit the school’s plant.

    Navigating public space

    The Headteacher is directed to set clear rules and sanctions in relation to how students access facilities within the school and how they behave when they assemble.

    It is expected that students:

    • access a service by queuing up in an orderly manner
    • do not block entrances, exits, doorways, corridors and walkways
    • walk in single file on the right hand side of walkways and corridors
    • give way to senior and physically challenged persons
    • be cognizant of their noise level when engaged in movement or assembly (when assembled)
    • pay the appropriate courtesies to officials at formal gatherings
    • standing correctly when reciting or singing the National Pledge and Anthem

    Teachers and Students in public places

    Headteachers are directed to set clear rules and sanctions in relation to the conduct and associations of students in uniform, off the schools premises and in public places. Any pupil who is attired in the school’s uniform is a representative of the said school, whether he/she is on or off the schools premises and as such, should conduct him/herself worthy of attending the institution. Reports of misconduct by gangs and cliques off the school’s premises (e.g. bus park) should be treated as though it occurred on the school’s premises.
    Teachers are also expected to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the profession.

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