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Science Around Us Text Books

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Science Around Us book art. Science Around Us book art.

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About the Texts

‘Science Around Us’ is a series of six pupil’s books with corresponding teachers’ manuals.

This series helps pupils to develop and apply process and content skills as they explore and come to understand their environment.
Each pupil’s book contains review exercies which can be used to evaluate pupil’s progress.

List of Text Books (Free to Download and Share. NOT TO BE SOLD!):

Minister's Remarks

One welcomes the publication of this series of textbooks as part of the Primary Education Improvement Project funded by the Inter-American Development Bank and the Government of Guyana.
This series of texts has been long in planning, writing and producing. In the process however, many Guyanese have developed skills in textbook writing and publication. This will serve Education well in the future.

We congratulate all those responsible for the production of these texts. They have done a good job. Guyanese children at the Primary level, and, indeed, the society as a whole, will be the beneficiaries of their labour.
Thanks to the Inter-American Development Bank for its financial support. Primary Education in Guyana will benefit considerably with the availability of relevant reading material.

- Honorable Minister Priya Manickchand

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