Ministry of Education, Guyana

Expulsion of Learners

This is the permanent removal of a learner from a school, or from the formal school system.

  • A school does not have the authority to expel a learner but it can recommend his/her expulsion.
  • The recommendation for expulsion, accompanied by all relevant documents/statements, must be addressed to the Head of Department.
  • Only a learner who is over 14 years 6 months can be expelled from the school system.
  • A learner who has committed an expellable offense and who is under 14 years 6 months may be placed at a Special School or in the New Opportunity Corp.

Expulsion Procedures

  • The Department of Education must arrange for a hearing to be conducted.
  • The date, time, and venue for the hearing must be communicated to the school, the learner and his/her parents/guardians. It is the responsibility of the school to inform the learner and his/her parents of the hearing.
  • Copies of statements and the report must be forwarded to the parents/guardian.
  • All other parties to give evidence must be summoned to the hearing.
  • The learner who has committed the expellable offense is entitled to produce witness or evidence and to testify on his/her behalf.
  • The Department of Education may conduct the hearing even if a learner and/or his/her parent/guardian is/are absent despite being summoned.
  • A learner who has committed an expellable offense, and is given a hearing and found guilty must then be expelled.
  • The Expulsion Order must be issued by the Chief Education officer upon receipt of the decision of the hearing.


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