Ministry of Education, Guyana

Out-Of-School Suspension of Learners

Suspension is the prevention of a learner from attending school for a specified period of time.

  • The period of suspension must range between one (1) day to five (5) days. It must never exceed five (5) days.
  • Suspension is one of the disciplinary measures recommended to be administered for Category 2 Unacceptable Behaviours.
  • Only the Head Teacher has the authority to suspend a learner. He/She issues a Suspension Order addressed to the learner’s parent/guardian and signed by the learner as having seen the order.
  • A learner who has allegedly committed a Category 2 offense may only be suspended when a thorough investigation into the allegation is conducted by the Head Teacher and he/she finds the learner guilty.
  • Statements from all the parties concerned must be provided and evidence tendered at the investigation.
  • The parent or guardian of the learner must be promptly notified of the learner’s alleged misconduct/offense, the intention of the school to investigate the allegation, and subsequently the findings of the investigation.
  • A report must be promptly dispatched to the Head of Department of Education.
  • An entry must be made in the Misdemeanours Book and the Log Book.
  • A learner who is under ten (10) years of age must not be suspended.
  • A learner’s parent or guardian must ensure that arrangements are in place for him/her to be properly supervised while serving suspension.
  • A learner who is serving a period of suspension must not visit the school nor be on its premises until the specified period of suspension would have been served.
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