Ministry of Education, Guyana

Detention of Learners

  • This is a form of punishment that may be administered to a learner. The learner is detained in school, especially after school hours.
  • Time in detention should be spent in a way that will help the learner to develop responsible behaviour.
  • When repeated detention fails, then the learner should be referred to the Head Teacher for other disciplinary action (s).
  • Learners at the nursery level must not be kept in after school dismisses to serve detention.
  • Nursery children and pupils of levels 1 and 11 must not be made to serve detention
  • Any detention of any learner for more than 15 minutes must have the approval of the Head Teacher.
  • Detention must not exceed one (1) hour.
  • Detention can be served before school, during recess, after dismissal, or any other time than classroom or instructional time.
  • Detention may be served in a classroom or, ideally, in a detention room where learners are supervised by teachers.
  • The classroom in which detention will be served, or detention room, must be well let and ventilated.
  • A roster must be established for teachers who supervise the detention room.
  • The learner to be discipline must be assigned a specific amount of time to be spent in the detention room. This must be communicated to the learner and the supervisor of the detention room.
  • A list of all learners to serve detention must be provided to the supervising teacher of the detention room.
  • The supervising teacher must make a record of all those who served, or did not serve, detention.
  • Learners who did not turn up to serve detention, or who, while serving detention, behaved in any unacceptable manner must be further sanctioned by the Head Teacher.
  • Parents must be notified when detention is to be served before and after school hours.
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