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Tuesday, 01 November 2016 15:39

Education For Sustainable Development

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9.0 Monitoring and Evaluation

Sustainable development is a very complex issue that is now being understood, and therefore, monitoring and evaluation of ESD is vital for the realisation of the Pillars of this Policy. Since the global and local environment is changing, and sustainability issues are also changing, this Policy must be seen as a first step in an evolving set of parameters. This Policy must be reviewed periodically to ensure currency.

All efforts suggested by this Policy must be continually evaluated so as to ensure effectiveness and relevance to the changing nature and context of sustainability in Guyana. This must extend to international developments as Guyana is not taking these efforts in isolation and can and will be influenced by the changing nature and context of sustainability globally.

The National Science and Technology Council, through the ESDCB, is ideally placed and constituted to undertake the coordination, integration and monitoring activities.

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