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Education For Sustainable Development

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12.0 Glossary of Abbreviations

ACEO - Assistant Chief Education Officers

CARICOM – Caribbean Community

CCESD – Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development

CBO – Community Based Organisation

CEO - Chief Education Officer

CLC - Community/Resource Learning Centres CPCE - Cyril Potter College of Education CPD - Continuous Professional Development DCEO - Deputy Chief Education Officer

DESD – Decade on Education for Sustainable Development

ESD – Education for Sustainable Development

ESDCB – Education for Sustainable Development Coordinating Body

FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization

FBO – Faith Based Organisation GEA – Guyana Energy Agency GoG – Government of Guyana

GMRP - Guyana Mangrove Restoration Project

GSA – Guyana School of Agriculture

GWI - Guyana Water Incorporated

ICT - Information and Communication Technology

IBSE - Inquiry Based Science Education

JFID – Japan Funds in Trust

LCDS – Low Carbon Development Strategy MDG – Millennium Development Goal MOE – Ministry of Education

NAREI - National Agricultural Research & Extension Institute

NCERD – National Centre for Education Resource Development

NGO – Non-Governmental Organisation

OCC - Office of Climate Change PAC - Protected Areas Commission SD – Sustainable Development

SDG – Sustainable Development Goals

SEN - Special Education Needs

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

SVC - Sagicor Visionaries Challenge

SWM - Solid Waste Management

TVET – Technical and Vocational Education and Training

UG – University of Guyana

UN – United Nations

UNCBD – United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity UNCCD – United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification UNFCCC – United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change UNGA – United Nations General Assembly

UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

UNICEF - United Nations Children's Emergency Fund

VMAC – Village Mangrove Action Committee

WCED - World Commission on Environment and Development

WFS - World Food Summit

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