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pt-20130924-2Having a child go off to Nursery school is always marked by joy that your baby is growing up and going on to bigger and better things; and marred by sadness that your baby is growing up and going on to bigger and better things! The best way to ease the transition to school is by doing some “homework” of your own to make yourself and your little scholar ready for the first day of “BIG school”.

In this section, we will look at four (4) important areas where you can help yourself and your child be best prepared for nursery school and a lifetime of success. These areas are:

Like it or not, your tween is probably already obsessing over Instagram. Here's how to talk with your child about social media before they make an account, plus tips from Instagram's new "Parent's Guide" for keeping them safe.
Blue or red? Vanilla or strawberry? Movie or book? Help your kid be confident in her decisions.
When your kids were little, you taught them their ABCs. You taught them not to bite their friends. But now that they’re older, have you taught them how to manage their moods?
Do It Together Dinner's over. Instead of heading for the TV room, make a beeline for the front door. Go for a walk or a bike ride. Shoot some hoops or play catch. Just keep the conversation light. This is not the time to go over your child's grades or chores. If it's fun for everyone, you'll all want to keep doing it. Aim for an Hour a DayKids need to move for a total of 60 minutes a day. It should be a mix of activities that: Get the heart pumping (such as running and fast walking) Work muscles…
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