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How to Encourage Good Study Habits in a Child

To learn effectively and progress through school, a child needs good study habits. School assignments often necessitate that a youngster spends time outside school to complete them. Kids also need to prepare for tests by studying course material. As a parent, you have an important role in helping your child develop positive study habits. By instituting these skills early, you equip your child for academic success.

  1. Designate a space at home for your child to study. Depending on your circumstances, you might provide your child with a desk in his bedroom or in another part of your home. You could also create a work area at the kitchen table or counter if you have limited space. Ensure that the study space is away from distractions such as television, video games and other family activities.
  2. Help your child organize his work area and his assignments. Children often struggle with organization, which can create a negative learning experience. Supply your child with all materials he might need for completing assignments at home, including pencils, paper, glue, paper clips, a computer, a printer and ink. Devise a system for keeping assignments organized, such as hanging files, horizontal bins or shelving. Provide an assignment notebook that your child can use to record assignments and encourage him to use it to stay organized. Hang a calendar and a bulletin board at your child’s work area for writing down important dates and posting notes.
  3. Talk about setting goals and organizing time to ensure timely completion of assignments. For example, if your child receives a term paper assignment at the beginning of a semester, discuss the value of working on the term paper throughout the entire semester. Your child will likely produce a higher quality term paper if she divides the assignment into smaller goals. Goals could include researching, making an outline, writing a rough draft, editing and revising the rough draft and then compiling a final draft of the paper.
  4. Create a study routine that your child will follow every day. Instituting and following a routine helps your child make a habit out of studying. An effective routine might involve an afterschool snack, a few minutes of outside playtime and then homework time until dinner. If your child participates in afterschool sports, her study routine might not begin until after dinner.
  5. Stay available to provide assistance if your child needs help with assignments. A child struggling with a difficult math assignment may become frustrated and overwhelmed.
  6. Set a positive example of effective work habits for your child. Whether you have your own school assignments, you bring office work home or you take care of household details such as paying bills or making grocery lists, allow your youngster to see you prioritizing work to get it done.


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