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pt-20130924-2Having a child go off to Nursery school is always marked by joy that your baby is growing up and going on to bigger and better things; and marred by sadness that your baby is growing up and going on to bigger and better things! The best way to ease the transition to school is by doing some “homework” of your own to make yourself and your little scholar ready for the first day of “BIG school”.

In this section, we will look at four (4) important areas where you can help yourself and your child be best prepared for nursery school and a lifetime of success. These areas are:

Open communication results in each family member feeling loved and respected. It also makes it easier to handle conflicts when they arise. The basics of resolving disagreements include listening, empathy, supportive communication, and collaborative problem-solving.
Children of all ages need boundaries, but teens need them most of all. Though it’s tempting, and may seem logical, to give your teen fewer restrictions, this will create more problems further down the line for them and for you. Teenagers are still not adults yet, and though it is important to give them more freedoms than you would a younger child, you need to create, discuss, and enforce boundaries with your teenagers.
Few parenting challenges are quite as terrifying as handling a teenager. Sure, potty training may seem like an endless battle at the time, but it looks like a piece of cake in comparison to parenting a teen. Horror stories of teenage moodiness, rebellion, and questionable taste in friends leave many parents feeling grossly unprepared for the unavoidable drama on the horizon.
Although a parent’s role in their children’s learning evolves as kids grow, one thing remains constant: we are our children’s learning models. Our attitudes about education can inspire theirs and show them how to take charge of their own educational journey.
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