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pt-20130924-2Having a child go off to Nursery school is always marked by joy that your baby is growing up and going on to bigger and better things; and marred by sadness that your baby is growing up and going on to bigger and better things! The best way to ease the transition to school is by doing some “homework” of your own to make yourself and your little scholar ready for the first day of “BIG school”.

In this section, we will look at four (4) important areas where you can help yourself and your child be best prepared for nursery school and a lifetime of success. These areas are:

Gratitude involves both feeling and expressing our thankfulness; it means we show our appreciation for others. According to the Harvard Healthbeat, “Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.” For a five-year-old, gratitude looks like consistently saying “thank you” to others, making thank you cards, and identifying things that make them feel thankful, such as a favorite toy or a visit from grandma.
Young children love to explore living things, including plants. Although plants don’t move or interact the same way animals do, they can still ignite your child’s curiosity — especially when you join them in carefully observing the tiny grasses, tall trees and colorful flowers in the world around you.
Compassion means we care about others, treat them with kindness, and feel a strong desire to help people in need. Compassion is empathy in action. For a six-year-old, compassion might look like giving a hug, making a card, or saying something kind to help a friend or family member who is feeling sad or upset. It can also look like reaching out to a peer who has been left out – or hearing about a community need and wanting to do something to help others, even if they do not know them.
My 4-year-old had been excited about her cousin’s birthday party for weeks. We guessed the flavor of the birthday cake and worked together to wrap the present. Yet, as we walked up to the party, something shifted: my excited girl was now clutching my pant leg, unwilling to introduce herself to the young party-goers. She even shoved aside a slice of cake. The tears and less-than-pleasant behavior soon followed.
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