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The Ministry of Education wishes to inform the public that 12 schools in Georgetown and one in Region Three will remain closed tomorrow January 15, 2014 as a result of severe rainfall which has caused flooding of their compounds. The schools to remain closed tomorrow are as follows:

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Thousands of school children throughout Guyana, ceased classes from 9:00h, to discuss and reflect on the significance of observing International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (IDEVAW), and to bring into special focus the issue of domestic violence in Guyana. This exercise involved all students and teachers from nursery, primary and secondary, institutions nationwide.

Over 200 volunteers from across the country from diverse professions and political persuasions, unified on a single purpose of spreading the message of eradicating violence against women, and domestic violence, to young attentive minds in the school system. Led by members of Cabinet, Members of Parliament, Educators, Managers, businesswomen, the Men’s group and number of other professionals with deep interests in the issues of domestic violence and violence against women, they took their messages to the next generation of Guyanese leaders.

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The Ministry of Education continues to meet the demands for quality education as Guyana achieves Millennium Development Goal 2: Universal Primary Education.
In Guyana, this means that the Ministry has successfully been able provide access to a primary education to every boy and girl; the opportunity to enter school at an appropriate age, progress through the education system and complete the full cycle.

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