Ministry of Education, Guyana

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Context In the Caribbean science and technology (S&T) have had inconsistent support and consequently disappointing results. Research and development and other S&T institutions have been created and policy and plans written, but coherent knowledge infrastructures have yet to emerge. University departments and research centres, devoted to S&T, have existed for decades, but the transforming positive effects of these tools, as seen in the industrialized and recently developed countries, are still only forlorned hopes in the region. Confidence…
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Introduction In today‚Äôs overtly competitive ethos there is a strong tendency to take technological centrality in businesses for granted and consequently there is injudicious reliance for knowledge on foreign sources. The disproportionate time and energies given to vaunted economic fundamentals, such as inflation, interest and exchange rates, with almost total neglect of the urgency for proper science and technology (S&T) foundations, are ample testimony of this fact. This, despite that it is now widely accepted that the…
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