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Tuesday, 15 July 2014 20:01

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Special Education Needs

The term Special Education Needs is a way to describe students who have learning (exceptionalities) difficulties or disabilities which makes it challenging for them to grasp concepts, access information, master skills and absorb content than other students of similar developmental age.

Oftentimes we hear about the deficiencies but the talents are excluded. Special Education Needs also takes into account students who are gifted.

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Special Education in Guyana got a major boost today when the Ministry of Education (MOE) commissioned the new Visually Impaired Resource Unit on Albert Street, Alberttown. During the brief but eventful commissioning ceremony, invitees were made aware of how vital this unit is to effectively equip students who are visually impaired with a quality education.

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The National Commission on Disability (NCD) today held a sensitization session with senior education officials from the Ministry of Education (MOE) on the Disability Act, 2010, at the NCERD auditorium in Kingston. The main purpose of this sensitization session was to explain the content of The Disability Act, 2010, and to underline the roles and responsibilities of the MOE, in compliance with the Act. The session was led by a number of brief insightful remarks from leading personnel both from the NCD and the MOE.

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