Ministry of Education, Guyana

− OPM acknowledges importance of children’s rights

− PM Nagamootoo hopes report will be used as a base document for constitutional commissioners

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Thursday, 27 September 2018 09:07

UG gets $5M for Constitutional Reform education

− Constitutional Reform Education project a collaboration among OPM, UNDP and UG

− Constitutional Reform is not for “sloganeering” – PM Nagamootoo

− “It’s a journey, that is not a sprint but it’s a marathon and along marathons, there are important milestones, and this is an important milestone.” – Prof. Griffith

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– “You must be prepared for the industry with the highest standards that is recognised worldwide”-PM Nagamootoo

– TOTALTEC Academy completes its 2nd graduation

– Aims to have more than 100 Guyanese oilfield operators trained in 2018

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