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...English improves, Mathematics declines

An analysis of the 2016 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examination, has revealed a marginal increase in the overall pass rate at the General and Technical proficiencies for Grade One to Three. This year the pass rate is 63.39 per cent while it was 62.72 per cent the previous 20160819

However, while the analysis revealed that there was significant increase in the Grade One to Three passes for English, it also showed a very noticeable decline in Mathematics.

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Although the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) has recorded a slight decline in the number of candidates who registered for the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examination this year, there has been a noticeable increase in the subject 20160814 1

This observation was made by CXC Director of Operations, Mr. Stephen Savoury, when CXC on Friday announced the release of the 2016 results during a live broadcast from Anguilla.
“When we look at the statistics we see that interestingly enough for 2016, even though there was a small decline in the actual candidate entries, we saw an interesting dynamic development, where the subject entries for our candidates have increased,” said Savoury.

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On a night that offered poetry, dance, song and reflections, 85 students and two technical scholars who were Graduation 1 beneficiaries of the Hinterland Scholarship Programme were honoured for their performance at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) in 2015.

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