Ministry of Education, Guyana

Thursday, 08 May 2014 10:00

Schools reopen after Easter

The Ministry of Education (MOE) welcomes all school children and teachers from across the country, as they return to school today after the Easter holidays, to commence the final term of the school year. The Ministry wishes them well and urges that they continue to work diligently throughout this final term, to achieve better grades.

To those children writing the CSEC and CAPE examinations, the Ministry extends best wishes to you and implore that you carefully apply the principles and theories learned in the respective subjects you are pursuing, to do the best you can do.

Guyana has a favorable CSEC record that the Ministry of Education continues to better with each passing year, through the methodical enhancement of the quality of education delivered throughout the secondary sector. Additionally, we encourage all our CAPE students to do their best to achieve outstanding results, as they too get about their respective examinations during this new term.

The Ministry would also like to thank all the hard working and dedicated parents who continue to provide parental support to their children as they go through school. The Ministry also thanks all our teachers who give unmeasurable service every day. We ask that you continue to be that example of responsibility to your child and to your respective communities.

This new school term ends on Friday, July 11, 2014.

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