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Thursday, 10 October 2019 08:37

Strides to improve hinterland education highlighted at National Toshaos Council Conference 2019

As the National Toshaos Council (NTC) Conference continued today, focus was placed on several sectors including the public education sector where efforts to improve the hinterland education system were highlighted.

Minister of Education, Dr. the Hon. Nicolette Henry during her presentation at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre before the NTC today said that all students irrespective of where they live must have access to education at all levels.
She assured the Indigenous leaders that the Government of Guyana will continue to administer transportation services as the resources permit to ensure children can attend school, including those in the hinterland communities.
Important to the subject of access to education, Minister Henry said is proper infrastructure. She highlighted that several schools have been constructed in hinterland communities while others have been rehabilitated. news 20191011 1
Some of these schools include the new Parikwaranau Nursery School, Tabatinga Nursery School, Kato Secondary School and the Kamarang and Paruima Primary Schools.
Minister Henry noted that more work needs to be done and explained that central to providing educational facilities is a conditions survey that is done which looks at all schools to record their physical condition so that priority areas can be identified and addressed.
She noted that the Ministry of Education is also looking to provide Practical Instruction Centres in regions where none exist.
It was also highlighted by the Minister of Education that the emergent literacy and numeracy in hinterland communities have improved thanks to the Guyana Early Childhood Programme which targeted hinterland communities primarily.
One of the topics raised during the engagement with the Toshaos was the training of teachers. Minister Henry noted that teacher training is now available in each administrative region, which is a major accomplishment for the education ministry.
Minister Henry said that her sector will continue to train teachers incrementally so that eventually there would be 100 per cent trained teachers in the public education system.
She said that the Ministry has been recording improved performances by students and to ensure that continues to improve, training teachers is an important aspect of the process.

Minister Henry encouraged the Toshaos to continue their engagement with the Ministry to make the education sector work to have better outcomes thereby leading to national development.


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