Ministry of Education, Guyana

Wednesday, 13 February 2019 10:49

Senior Education officials visit Port Kaituma

...NGSA preparation assessed

The Ministry of Education continues to demonstrate its seriousness about bridging the gap in education delivery between the Coast and the Hinterland of Guyana.

Towards this end, the Assistant Chief Education Officer (ACEO) - Primary (Ag) Ms Carol Benn and National Parent Teachers Coordinator Ms Nadia Hollingsworth visited Port Kaituma on Monday last and met with teachers and parents of that 20190213 10

Specifically, the senior education officials wanted to ascertain where schools in the community were with regards to preparation for National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) scheduled to be written in the second week of April.

Ms Hollingsworth and Ms Benn also met with grade six teachers to get an understanding of where NGSA preparations are and what can be done by the Education Ministry to help in this regard.

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