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Thursday, 04 October 2018 10:37

Region Four Education Department launches Education Extravaganza

The Regional Democratic Council Region Four Education Department launched its inaugural education extravaganza today with a very large turnout of students from both East Coast and East Bank Demerara. The two-day event which ends tomorrow is being held under the theme, Propelling the green economy with STEAMS is being staged at the Hope Secondary school with some 16 agencies forming part of the event which is geared at guiding students into making career choices.

In her opening remarks, Regional Education Officer acting (REDO), Tiffany Favourite Harvey told those gathered that this fair is not the usual fair where you walk around stressing that because of the uniqueness and creativity of the way the fair is being executed it resulted in the education department dubbing it an extravaganza.

“This is not the regular education fair where students and the general public comes and walk by looking at charts or cardboards but rather where they get an opportunity to engage those persons in the various booths so that they can better understand what is happening. news 20181010 2You get to see live demonstrations, ask all the questions you want and also even get an opportunity to see how several careers are done,” she said. She urged students that it’s a golden opportunity that they are benefiting from as they get an opportunity to better understand a number of careers, which she stressed would aid them in making their decisions into what they want to become.

“This fair is not just for students of grades ten or eleven but rather everyone as you can be in Grades six, seven or even four and know that when you would have completed school you would like to become a journalist, mechanic, teacher, doctor, caterer or even someone in the agriculture sector,” Ms Harvey said.

The Region Four REDO urged students to engage those agencies and their representatives declaring that as future leaders they must be fully informed so as to aid them in making career choices. “We cannot go wrong as a region or as a country because as part of youth empowerment it is ensuring that you are given the experience to explore various opportunities,” she noted. She stressed that the sixteen odd agencies are there to help in giving students an understanding as to the magic behind several of the 20181010 3

“I implore all of you to make use of what you are experiencing today so that you leave here better understanding not only what you may want to pursue but rather a number of other careers,” the REDO declared.
Regional Chairman, Ms. Genevieve Allen who served as a teacher prior to becoming a politician expressed congratulations to the School Corp for what she dubbed as an excellent opportunity for the youths to get involved in.

She reminded all that it is the policy of the present administration in moving towards a green economy.” This extravaganza provides us with n interactive experience so that we can learn new things. Importantly, I am pleased that in all of this we are seeing some focus of spirituality as I firmly believe that engaging our children in spirituality at a very young age is very important as it argues well for them and the society I which we live,” the Regional Chairman said.

RC Allen noted that history has shown that in every religion instruments form a part noting that irrespective of one’s religion, instruments and music plays a critical part. Pointing out that in some years those sitting in the crowd would be leaders and moving the country forward the Regional Chairman stressed that the fair serves to ensure that each child gets an opportunity in determining what they would like to become in the future. “You are Guyana’s future and there will be a time when those seating at the head table will no longer be here but rather sitting at the back of the crowds you would replace us,” she said.

Meanwhile, Regional Executive Officer (REO), Ms Pauline Lucas I declaring the inaugural fair open urged the students to pursue what they truly want to become and not what parents, friends or teachers may want them to become. She admitted that when her daughter was growing up she wanted her to become a lawyer however the determined and focused daughter was bent on becoming a doctor and today she proudly stands to say that her daughter is a medical doctor.

“I was the kind of parent who wanted my daughter to become something else than what she wanted but because of determination and perseverance, she has stood her ground thus becoming what she wanted to be since as a child. Let me urge you to take your time in making your career choice and remember that you can start today by looking at all the possible career choices thus aiding you in making a determination,” the REO said.

She reminded the students that the point in their careers should be doing something that they love and have a passion for. “You have to do something that you enjoy and that brings you lots of satisfaction,” REO Lucas declared.
All the schools within Region Four ranging from Nursery to secondary are expected to participate in the extravaganza.

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