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Thursday, 06 November 2014 12:00

Because We Care Program marked by order, cicvility and efficiency so far – Minister Manickchand.

More than $130M distributed to East Coast and East Bank Parents

More than 13,000 children from the East Coast and the East Bank today benefited from the  Government of Guyana ‘Because we Care’ $10,000 Cash Grant.

Addressing a gathering of approximately 1,164 at the Diamond Secondary School today, Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand stated that when the Government of Guyana started planning for the Cash Grant Initiative in 2013 its main objective was to ensure that parents receive additional support to send their children to school. She noted that while the $10,000 is not meant to meet all the needs a family might have, it will certainly help some parents to materialize a few plans to efficiently help their children.

The Minister also noted that according to local statistics as well as international reports written about the country, Guyana is doing better as a country and this is why the Government of Guyana can audienceinvest in giving parents the additional support, “we are able to give $10,000 as a grant this year because we can do it economically and because we care about your families’ welfare.”

She added that like other programs implemented by the Government, the ‘Because We Care’ $10,000 Cash Grant Initiative will grow. She made reference to the Uniform Program, which was started to provide assistance to only underprivileged children. Today, the Uniform Programme is expanded to include every child in the public school system. Similar progress has been made in other porgrammes such as the School Feeding Programme.

In closing, the Minister of Education asked the parents to do more to ensure that their children succeed at school. She added that next year the Ministry is seriously considering applying a condition to the Cash Grant Programme where only children with a certain percentage of attendance at school will benefit.greeting

The following schools were serviced at the Diamond Secondary School today: Diamond Secondary, Grove Nursery,  Diamond Primary, and the Special Needs school.
Parents have until the November 30, 2014 to en-cash their vouchers at any Wester Union or Bill Express location.

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