Ministry of Education, Guyana

Wednesday, 13 August 2014 15:44

Students and Parents to return all texts books and other materials belonging to their respective schools

The Ministry of Education is aware that there are complaints by some parents and students alike that some students are unable to access their results online (via the CXC website).

Please be advised that difficulties accessing the 2014 CSEC results from CXC’s website may be because of outstanding school materials, which are to be returned to respective schools.

The Ministry would like to remind parents and students of notifications published in the mainstream media between June 18 and June 20, 2014, asking all students to return materials loaned by the schools, failing which access to results would be denied.

This request is in keeping the Ministry’s Textbook Policy, which states, “Learners must return books before Progress Reports, Examination Results, Recommendations, or References are uplifted.” The Ministry has been forced to adopt this unfortunate position to give the same opportunities to the incoming batch of students as were afforded to the students now requesting their results.
Notices were also published on the Ministry’s website, on June 18 and July 28, 2014, and social media, Facebook, on June 13, 18 and then on July 28.

Head teachers were asked to submit lists of students who had returned all items. Where those lists were submitted access has been granted. For example, all the students in Region 7 can access their results. Students who do not return materials will not be able to access their results. Additionally those head teachers who failed to submit lists or responded by the date given, which was August 8, will be disciplined.

The Ministry is once again appealing to students and parents to please make every effort to return all outstanding materials belonging to their respective schools. We look forward to being able to allow access to CXC results online.

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