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Wednesday, 02 October 2019 09:07

National Library receives 200 books from Bookland

…Education Ministry receives 200 plants

The National Library’s book collection has been boosted with a donation of 200 books from the Georgetown Reading and Research Centre known as Bookland.

At the ceremony, which was held on Tuesday at the Bookland Gardens Woolford Avenue, Sandra Persaud, Head of Curriculum Development and Implementation Unit of the National Centre for Educational Resource Development (NCERD) expressed gratitude to Bookland for its kind 20191002 21

Persaud said the books will help to create a culture of reading and learning. In keeping with its mandate, NCERD is currently working to put one book in each Guyanese household – a move that can significantly increase the country’s literacy rate.

“We are striving toward improving the literacy level of all Guyanese, we encourage and provide opportunities for all to be literate,” Persaud said.

Manager of Bookland Gardens, George Gonsalves, said that the management of the entity believes that now, more than ever, information must be distributed as widely as possible. Gonsalves said knowledge is the most powerful tool to change one’s position in life, adding that, by pursuing and internalizing information, one can develop the skills necessary to make a 20191002 23

“We believe that knowledge is the most valuable resource in the world. Knowledge never rusts, knowledge does not spoil, and knowledge cannot be stolen. Despite its value, the pursuit of knowledge is often eschewed in favour of easy answers and mindless actions,” Gonsalves said.

On Tuesday, Bookland Gardens also donated 200 potted palm sapling plants to the Ministry of Education for distribution to every school in Georgetown. According to the body, youths must be aware of the importance of agriculture in their lives.

Founder of Bookland Gardens, Rupert Hopkinson, was also present at the ceremony and gave a brief history of the Gardens.

Bookland Gardens grew out of the Georgetown Reading and Research Centre (GRRC). Established on January 2, 1997, the GRRC is a combination of a library and a bookstore, with a collection of more than 200,000 books for readers from pre-school to the tertiary level.


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