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Tuesday, 16 July 2019 09:17

CEO urges Graham’s Hall Primary graduates to never lose passion and purpose

Chief Education Officer (CEO), Dr. Marcel Hutson at the Graham’s Hall Primary School’s prize-giving ceremony and closing exercise urged the graduates to never lose their passion and purpose.

The CEO said that it is always wonderful to see young people at the top of their game and transitioning from primary education to secondary. He said that it is such forward-thinking students that will lead the way into the development of a dynamic and enterprising Guyana in the future.

He told the graduates that it is important to note that the knowledge acquired over the past six years and its correct application is critical to the success of what they 20190723 7

Additionally, he encouraged the students to remain focused.
Further, Dr. Hutson made the point that education is a vital ingredient that provides an escape from the vagaries of life.
“It is clear that education has the ability to propel the individual and the nation out of a state of social, economic and moral decadence since it gives you the power to realise your dreams by helping you to recognise the opportunities that will come before you” Dr. Hutson remarked.

Recognising the importance of the community in the life of the school, the Chief Education Officer said that the community can be a major contributory factor for the betterment of the school as it comes on-board in a stronger 20190723 6

He said that the community must be visible in every facet of school life and its developmental process. At this juncture, the CEO congratulated the parents that would have performed their roles effectively and urged them to not become wary in ‘well-doing’.

The teachers of the school were also acknowledged for their contributions while highlighting that their role cannot be over-emphasized.

Head Teacher of the school, Ms. Lydia Ram, congratulated the 170 students that wrote the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) this year. news 20190723 8She said that nine of those students were awarded places at sixth form schools, 26 were awarded places at List A schools, 58 were awarded places at List B schools while eight were awarded places at List D schools.

The school’s most outstanding students is Dave Chowtie who scored 532 marks at the 2019 NGSA and was awarded a place at Queen’s College.

Ms. Ram noted in her report that among the school’s priorities for 2020 is to strengthen connections between the school and the community. She congratulated the grade six students for their excellent performance and extended warm wishes for their bright minds.

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