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Tuesday, 30 April 2019 09:30

Harmon donates $2M helping hand for Westminster Multi-Purpose Centre

Former Minister of State, Joseph Harmon on Sunday donated approximately $2M to help renovate the Westminster Multi-Purpose Centre in La Parfaite Harmonie on behalf of a newly formed youth group.

The La Parfaite Action Group is in the La Parfaite Harmonie housing scheme area and is committed to establishing itself in an orderly and legal manner to effectively and efficiently bring about positive changes in the community.

At their first meeting of the newly established Community Development Council group, they collectively agreed that the Multi-Purpose Centre located in Westminister needs urgent repairs if it is to serve not only as their meeting place but also as their economic hub for sustainability. The group wrote to the then Minister of State requesting assistance and submitted quotations to his office.

According to the Chairperson of the CDC Group, Jonelle Alves the move was bold: “We decided collectively to do this and honestly we were not one hundred per cent convinced that we will get a response. It was just a gesture we undertook knowing that we are willing to go the extra mile. To see today that our request is being honoured makes me happy and I am sure all our members are now more encouraged to fight for La Parfaite and to make it a community where all can enjoy the good life,” Chairperson Alves noted.

According to Harmon, the donation was supposed to happen earlier in the year but was set back by his hectic schedule. “From the time I received the letter, I recognised the importance of the organisation, and more so, that it is young people wanting to better their community. I said to myself, I have to make this possible for their cause. These youths look to us not only for guidance but also for assistance. The letter indicated to me that the investment of the money will be to cause economic sustainability of the group and the Multi-Purpose Centre and I am happy to have noted that.”

He also charged the young people of the group to promote social cohesion which according to him is the bedrock on which development will occur. Committee member, Peter Livingstone indicated that the group would spend the money wisely and according to standard accounting practices. Work on the centre is expected to commence in two weeks providing all goes well with the mobilisation of materials and favourable weather conditions.


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