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Monday, 29 April 2019 09:16

Equality, education and employment are pillars of govt youth policy

Newly reassigned Minister in the Ministry of the Presidency, with responsibility for Youth Affairs, Simona Broomes is wasting little time in ensuring the active participation and engagement of the nation’s youth at every level.

The minister spoke with the Department of Public Information (DPI) during the ‘Government comes to you’ outreach in Region 3 on Sunday.

“I look forward today in observing and listening a lot, because, within the ten administrative regions, equality is one of the things that His Excellency speaks to, in terms of the youth of Guyana.”

She said the three pillars of equality, education and employment will be established and promoted.

“Region 3 will benefit, like all other regions of Guyana,” Minister Broomes declared.

In the government’s National Youth Policy, which is rooted in the country’s Constitution, emerging issues such as improving social, cultural and emotional skills of youths, producing a productive and enterprising youth workforce, developing quality education and market-oriented skills, encouraging leadership, participation and representation and promoting good health, security and safety, will be addressed through reviews and updates as needed every five years or earlier, if necessary.

Additionally, priorities areas have been identified including empowerment, education, skills development, employment, entrepreneurship, safety, health, political participation and representation.


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