Ministry of Education, Guyana

Increasing the Inclusiveness of the System

In general, it is recognised that the Ministry needs to have a stronger structure at both central and regional levels if it hopes eventually to become truly inclusive. SEN personnel will be a part of a new Unit which will look at School Health, Nutrition, and HIV/AIDS Education. The Ministry is also actively seeking scholarships to train teacher educators, curriculum personnel and measurement and evaluation specialists in this area.

In order to improve the access and quality of the education offered to students with special needs MOE has placed SEN specialists in the Curriculum Department at NCERD. This will allow the Ministry to better support the services offered in the area of SEN.

The major steps to take during the period are:

  • To appoint a SEN Coordinator at the level of central ministry
  • To develop and seek the approval of a national policy for students with special needs and the educational response given to them.
  • To design and implement a campaign to help all schools (head teachers, teachers and other stakeholders) to understand what an inclusive policy in the education system means and the advantages that such a policy could bring to these children and families.
  • Conduct consultation meetings with parent support groups, disabled peoples organisations, SEN specialists, SEN school administrators, NCD and persons with disabilities to identify priority actions for addressing the needs of children with disabilities.
  • To develop an action plan in collaboration with the Ministry of Health with the support and participation of the regions in order to be able to provide better quality education to students with special needs.
  • Develop partnerships with other agencies and organisations working on SEN.
  • To support the development of a curriculum to give higher levels of training to teachers who wish to pursue Special education as a major option.
  • To organize in-service training sessions for practising teachers to help them provide support to children with special needs in schools.
  • To train specialists in the areas of curriculum, measurement and evaluation etc.
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