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Monday, 08 April 2019 09:28

Hundreds turn out at kite-making camp

Junior Natural Resources Minister Simona Broomes hosted a “Make It and Take It” kite-making camp at her Jamoon Drive residence on Sunday.

Over 200 children turned out to the event when the minister provided all of the materials and guidance for the children to make their kites themselves. Though distributing kites to children is something that the minister does annually, this was the first time the children were given the opportunity to interact and make the kites 20190409 6

“We were looking at something new, something longer lasting than a hand out, an experience. Every Easter I would normally distribute and give kites, but I would’ve preferred that the children make the kites; we were looking at something new that makes an impact and is longer lasting, so the idea came about,” Broomes noted.

Several parents also turned out to join in the fun and help their children make their kites. Broomes was very pleased with the turnout, noting that it exceeded her 20190409 4
“We had a little over 205 kites based on the materials distributed. I was blown away; I knew children would come out, but it was beyond what I had imagined. It gave me major satisfaction,” she said.

Broomes began her benevolence on Saturday when she first began distributing kites in the Tucville Housing Compound area.

In Guyana, kite-flying is synonymous with the Easter holiday, with droves of families turning out to picnic and fly kites. Some businesses host kite-flying competitions, encouraging children and adults alike to get creative with their kites.


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