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Saturday, 14 July 2018 11:08

Sophia Primary named among 13 most improved primary schools

Based on the analysis of the statistician of the Ministry of Education, the performance of the Sophia Primary School at the 2018 National Grade Six Assessment has allowed it to be named among the 13 most improved primary schools this year.

Amplifying the school’s improved status was its proud Headmistress, Ms. Audrey Sue. At the school’s recent graduation ceremony, she said, “According to the statistician working in the Ministry of Education, I am pleased to announce that Sophia Primary has increased from last year to this year [NGSA] English assessment by 14 percent.”news 20180714
The school also saw an improvement of 11 percent at the Mathematics Assessment, Sue added. “Sophia Primary is on its way… Sophia Primary has done it again, we must applaud these pupils,” said the Headmistress as she announced the names of the most outstanding pupils the school produced this year.
Topping the list this year is 12-year-old Tyrone Hussain. Hussain was able to secure a total score of 502 marks, which allowed him to gain a place at one of the national sixth form schools – St. Rose’s High.
Although happy to be named the school’s top performer, Hussain intimated, during an interview, that he was really aiming higher. “I was expecting a little higher like [The] Bishops’ [High] or Queen’s [College].”
He recalled working really hard to prepare for the exam. He recalled dedicating much of his days and nights to his studies often starting as early as 04:00 hours [4am] after which he prepared for school.
The lad spoke of attending extra lessons and even returning home as late as 20:00 hours [8pm] to revise. His parents, especially his mother, assisted him a great 20180714 1
However, when it came down to exam time, Hussain said, “it was easy but Maths Paper Two was hard.”
Although eager to commence his secondary level school, Hussain, who hopes to one day become a mechanical engineer, admitted that he is disappointed to be leaving his friends behind.
His advice to those who will be faced with the NGSA in the coming year is “Keep a close eye, be focused, revise and take in everything your teacher tells you.”
A total of 114 pupils of the Sophia Primary School registered for the exams but according to Sue only 111 were able to write the exam this year. While Hussain was the lone pupil to gain a place at a senior secondary school, Sue revealed that six secured marks that made them eligible for entry at List A secondary schools.
A total of 32 gained entry to List B Schools and 72 to List C schools.
Sue in announcing the performance of her pupils was eager to highlight that the performance of her male students has improved. “The boys in the house are taking their rightful place,” said an elated Sue.
She also revealed a high enrolment number for boys.
According to her, enrolment for the year under review commenced with 605 pupils of which 333 were boys and 272 were girls. “Today our enrolment stands at 640 pupils – 356 boys and 284 girls.”


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