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Friday, 29 June 2018 09:53

Results will only get better

– programmes geared in this direction, says Min. Henry

Results of the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) examination continue to improve because of programmes and projects geared at enhancing local education, and Education Minister Nicolette Henry promised that it will only get better with continued investment.

“You will continue to see good results because we will invest in our people and implement strategies that will result in the benefit of our people,” said the minister subsequent to the announcement of the NGSA results on Thursday.

Performance is an output indicator and the results are an indication of a lot of hard work, systems and initiatives that were implemented by the ministry.

The results, she said, are as a result of Government’s commitment to supporting the education sector.

“I speak from an evidence-based perspective; we have invested more into education… it used to be less than 20 per cent that was allocated for education in the national budget but, we recognised that we had to invest in our people,” She said.

In order to achieve their goal, the ministry hired supportive staff to develop and even strengthen existing programmes.

This year 14,145 students wrote the NGSA and there was an extraordinary 60 per cent pass rate in English and improvements in Science and Social Studies which both recorded a pass rate of 46 per cent.

In 2011, 62 per cent of students who wrote NGSA scored below 50 per cent in mathematics, while 59 per cent scored below 50 per cent in English, 58 per cent scored less than 50 per cent in science and 68 per cent scored less than 50 per cent in social studies.

Although there were improvements in those core subjects, mathematics, which made a significant come back last year, declined from 42 per cent last year to 38 per cent this year.

“The scores will fluctuate within range; we have to continue what we started… last year there was an emergency intervention to improve mathematics and we have to sustain intervention like these,” said the minister, adding that no subject area will drop below 38 per cent in the coming years.

Government had injected $48M into emergency intervention to strengthen the teaching capacity of mathematics at the Grade Six level in public schools in 2016.

In addition to programmes for mathematics, the minister said other interventions were made geared at improving the results in the core subject areas.

She said the results come and will continue to come out of a process that reflects hard work and a lot of people. For instance, several people were employed to conduct the emergency mathematics intervention.

“It was recognised that we are rolling out several interventions and initiatives such as education reform, curriculum reform and things that are all linked. It is the vision of the President to prioritise education… you are seeing improved performances in many subject areas but we will need more strategic leadership and so forth to see results,” Henry said.

The ministry had continued its collaboration with the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) to improve the quality of all primary grade assessments.

Teachers, subject specialists and test development officers developed the test items for NGSA with the technical guidance of the CXC, addressing key areas such as item construction, weighting of items, sampling and other psychometric elements.

The candidates were tested in four subject areas including mathematic, English, science and social studies

The examination of each subject area consisted of two papers. Paper one which consisted of 40 multiple choice items and Paper two which consisted of essay type or open-ended items.

The highest possible standardised scored obtainable were: Social Studies- 132, Science 132, Mathematics- 136 and English – 129 marks, a total of 529 marks.

Parents and students are advised to log onto the examination website, which is: The candidate’s timetable will provide the necessary information to access these results.


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