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Thursday, 29 March 2018 10:45

National Library receives laptop, book donations from Pele FC Alumni

news 20180329 7The National Library today received a donation of books from the Pele FC Alumni Corporation, whose mandate is the academic and athletic youth development here in Guyana.

Chairman of the National Library Board, Petamber Persaud said that the library is always thankful for such donations.

“These things will be in the custodian of people who know how to use them and how to care them. We cherish our gifts because we depend on gifts like these, thank you Pele,” Persaud said

Chief Librarian, Emily King also expressed her delight and noted that the library is a community hub and is in the business of lifelong learning, and the donation is a timely 20180329 9 She also noted that the library is an institution that is here to stay.

“Many thanks for the collaboration Pele FC, we as a library are a very important institution. There is a perception that technology has replaced us, we cannot be replaced by the technology, the technology has to embrace us, and therefore Pele has recognised this because they have brought the technology and books to us. Because indeed, libraries are a mixture of books and technology,” King said.

Pele FC Alumni Director, Denis Ivor Carrington in his remarks, reinstated the role of the organisation in 20180329 8

“We are all here why? Because we wanted to give back… to help the youth in Guyana to advance in life. To bring a better blend of education and sports. Sports only lasts for a while; there is life after sports, so from our standpoint, we wanted to improve that.”

Pele Football Club Alumni Corporation is a registered Non-Profit Organisation in the United States of America (USA) and has made an important impact on the Guyanese society through sport. The corporation is now geared towards providing educational opportunities and assisting in the improvement of education of youths.


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