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Sunday, 25 March 2018 09:12

GTT’s Innov8 Summit focuses on youth development

news 20180325 1It was a tech lover’s dream on Saturday when GTT opened its inaugural technology exposition at the Georgetown Marriott Hotel, with focus on providing an opportunity – particularly for youths – to display their skills as innovators using modern digital technology to propel Guyana into the realm of the 21st century.

At the opening ceremony, GTT’s Chief Executive Officer Justin Nedd said the event is focused around youths and providing them with the opportunity to be creative and showcase their talent. He noted that very often several “experts” would emerge but questioned their authenticity, adding that because they have that outlet, they use it to fool the masses.

He further related that GTT’s Innov8 is about displaying the people that actually know about technology and inspiring youths to join the field.
“We could say we believe that children are the future but unless we do something about it then it’s just empty talk and we are not about empty talk. Over the next three to four days, I want you to look, learn, ask many questions and be a part of innovation. Guyana is a beautiful place and we are on the verge of something big,” Nedd said.

“This is really about getting the children involved, opening their minds and giving them a place that they can form thoughts on their own rather than have thoughts of others imposed upon them. This is for our youths, learn ask questions and simply don’t take no for an answer,” he urged.
Meanwhile, Business Minister Dominica Gaskin commended the telephone giant for embarking on the initiative, while pledging his Ministry’s commitment for the event. He noted that the Private Sector is not just a driver of economic growth but also the leader of innovation and the advancement of technology.
Innov8 Expo
First Lady Sandra Granger joined a number of fervent parents, youths and tech enthusiast at the Innov8 Expo highlighting the talent of Guyanese in the technology and creative 20180325
The Innov8 summit is a three-day even free to the public with the Innov8 expo running from today until Sunday. The expo starts at 10:00h and closes at 23:00h. On Monday, the Innov8 Summit ends with the business forum, which will see business leaders, tech entrepreneurs, innovators, creativity experts, Public Sector personnel, and industry trailblazers engaging in discussions on ways technology can drive businesses and the economy forward for Guyana.
There are over 40 exhibitors highlighting a wide range of products and innovations utilising the power of modern digital technology.
Among them is STEM Guyana. The STEM team is displaying their robots and a wide range of programmes offered to youths to get them interested in creating.
In order to encourage creativity, GTT at the expo’s opening ceremony, surprised a number of children with Lego sets. The two-day expo will feature a number of workshops, a cosplay competition and gaming tournament. Throughout the expo, patron will have the opportunity to win a number of prizes from various exhibitors.


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