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Thursday, 30 November 2017 08:15

Schools collaborate to showcase Math in various ways at Tain Campus

news 20171202 2An initiative to boost mathematics in schools and make it interesting and simple was hosted on Wednesday at the University of Guyana’s Tain Campus, Berbice.

A Mathematics tent and exhibition catering to Primary Schools was hosted under the theme “Math is useful and fun” saw schools collaborating to showcase mathematics in various ways. There were creative games designed by teachers and students to make the subject interesting and keep the children interested in the subject.

The collaborative event between the Department of Education and the Primary Education Improvement Programme in Region 6, also drew participation from Nursery and Secondary schools.

Coordinator of the Mathematics Primary Improvement Education Programme, in the region, Doreen Patterson explained that the activity is a countrywide one and programmes of similar nature are currently ongoing in other parts of 20171202 3

Following President David Granger’s charge that Guyana must improve in the core subject areas, a number of initiatives have been ongoing. The Mathematics tents and other such projects have led to the country showing improvement in examination results.

According to Patterson, “the action taken by the Government to implement such a program into the Primary school system has provided tremendous help to students since they have improved in their performances.”

In 2016, the National Grade Six Examination results increased by 14% while there was a 48 percent increase in passes in 2017. Looking at the two figures there was a total increase of 261 percent in passes in the Mathematics results. Patterson said that the Ministry of Education is satisfied with the improvement shown.

The long-serving Educator stated that she plans to continue working along with the Department of Education to widen the knowledge base of the students.


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