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Guyanese teacher tops in Jamaica

news 20171104Guyanese student, Albert Inshanally, will be graduating today from the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus as Valedictorian representing graduates from eight teacher-training institutions across Jamaica.

Born and bred in the ancient county of Berbice, Albert has always excelled academically during his Guyanese upbringing. In 2004, he was awarded a place at Queen’s College as the top performing student of Rose Hall Town Primary School, before moving on to J.C Chandisingh Secondary School where he completed his high school education gaining passes in 12 subjects. Albert later pursued a CAPE Associate Degree at New Amsterdam Secondary School where he also graduated as Valedictorian in 20171104 1
Prior to his family’s migration to Jamaica in 2013, Albert served as a pre-trained teacher at the Corentyne Comprehensive High School where he gained a solid foundation for the demands of the teaching profession.
While pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (English Language and English Literature) from the University of the West Indies as offered by Church Teachers’ College: Mandeville, Albert excelled academically. He also engaged in extra-curricular activities such as debating and
public speaking.
Albert along with three Jamaican students represented the only teacher training institution in the Western Hemisphere competing at the 2016 Pan American Debate Competitions in Montego Bay. As a result of his stellar performance, he was amongst four selected students who did their college proud at the 2017 Pan American Debate Competitions held at the University of La Verne in 20171104 2
Competing locally in Jamaica, Albert with his debating partners, won the Jamaica Association of Debate and Empowerment College Cup twice. More so, as an individual performer, he is the current National J.C.D.C, an agency of the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, Public Speaking Champion after winning that title in 2016 as well.
Upon his completion of studies, Albert was also awarded the Jamaica Teacher’s Association (Manchester) Award for contributions made to the college as well as the Ken Gray Innovations Award for outstanding pedagogical practices on final year teaching practicum.
“My faith in my Lord and personal Savior Jesus Christ has kept me going despite many challenges that included adapting to a new environment, financial uncertainties and a heavy workload”, Albert notes when asked about his secrets to success.
He also credits his parents Rev. Errol Inshanally and Christina, for their guidance and sacrifices made over the years, his Guyanese teachers, former colleagues at Corentyne Comprehensive High, Church Teachers’ College family, and supportive relatives and friends for reaching yet another milestone.
Future endeavors
The outgoing 25-year-old scholar is currently a teacher at Mount Saint Joseph’s Catholic High School in Jamaica. He told Kaieteur News that it his hope to someday earn a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership “so that I can continue the transformative pedagogical shift of education in Guyana, currently undertaken by many phenomenal educators in the system.
“I hope that someday more opportunities are created for Guyanese students to explore their talents and capabilities; there is a lot of untapped potential that gets wasted just because of a lack of resources in our schools.
“As such, I believe it is the responsibility of every stakeholder in education including corporate Guyana to ensure our students are relevantly skilled to meet 21st century demands”.
He is vows to one day return and make meaningful contributions to the education sector in Guyana.
Albert further adds, “I am a proud Guyanese and I believe that my successes are a testament of the indomitable spirit of the Guyanese people and their ability to excel anywhere in the world.” When asked about his future plans, Albert made no hesitations in relating his hopes for a scholarship from the Government of Guyana to pursue a Master’s Degree at the University of the West Indies, before returning home to contribute to nation building.


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