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Friday, 27 October 2017 09:04

Govt. allocates $19M for West Berbice playgrounds

news 20171027 6Government has allocated some $19 million for the rehabilitation of a number of playgrounds in West Berbice, as part of its effort to foster social cohesion through sports.

The announcement was made by Mrs. Natasha Singh-Lewis, Technical Officer, within the Ministry of Social Cohesion, with responsibility for Regions Five and Six. She was addressing a social cohesion forum at the Rosignol Primary School, on Wednesday.
The playgrounds to benefit at this time under the programme are Lovely Lass, $4milion; Paradise, $8 million; Seafield$3 million; Blairmont$2 million; and Ithaca $2 million. Works to be done,range from land filling and erecting bleachers, to constructing fences.
According to Mrs. Lewis, the various sums of money have been made available to the recipients on account of them submitting requests highlighting their needs. And she advised those representing other communities to which funds would be made available,to provide suitable proposals like the others have done.
The Government is aware of the role sports can play in fostering social cohesion, and that is one of the reasons why President David Granger has placed youth and sports under the Ministry of Social Cohesion.The subject minister, Dr. George Norton, has a passion for social cohesion, she added.
The money would be available immediately. Region Five Executive Officer, Ovid Morison, was presented with the warrant for the money by Mrs. Lewis, on behalf of Minister Norton. The Minister was actually bound for West Berbice, to take part in the proceedings, but was forced to return to Georgetown.
The gathering was reminded that wherever Government money is spent there has got to be responsibility and accountability.
The event was a consultation with key stakeholders within the West Bank Berbicecommunities. It was organized by the Ministry of Social Cohesion, under the theme, ‘Fostering Social Cohesion Through Community Initiatives’.


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