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Monday, 23 October 2017 09:38

Teachers showcase artistic talents at exhibition

news 20171022The Ministry of Education and the Technical and Vocational Training Unit launched a visual Arts Exhibition to display the talents of visual Art teachers.

The exhibition is being held at the National Art Gallery Castellani house until the October 28.
One of the issued previously raised was the fact that teachers especially in the Visual Arts criteria, get few opportunities to showcase their artistic talents.
The exhibition was opened by the Coordinator of the National Art Gallery, Ohene Koma, while the Administrator of the Burrowes School of Arts, Mr. Ivor Thom gave a brief remarks, Mr. Patrick Chinnadu, Assistant Chief Education Officer Technical gave the feature address, while Lorrian Ann Jacobs, Education Officer of Visual Arts, gave an overview of the 20171023
The teachers who participated in the event came from all ten Administrative Regions. On display were drawings, ceramics, paintings, sculptures, fibre arts, leather crafts, and fabric designs.
Miss Lorrian Ann Jacobs, the Education Officer of Visual Arts stated that the initiative is to give teachers the opportunity to showcase their skills after training at the University of Guyana or Burrowes Schools of Art.
According to Miss Lorrian Ann Jacobs, “the Ministry feels that even though teachers are qualified, they should keep practicing their skills. So we decided to create a National Art Exhibition to showcase their expertise for the entire country to see the talents of visual Arts teachers. The exhibition is to also help students identify teachers who are artists. This is important because of the way the syllabus is designed, it is stated that students must study art. It is also because many students complain that they cannot find artists in their respective disciplines. However, at this exhibition, they will see that their teachers are not only for teaching but that their teachers are also artists so that they can also better their skills through practice. In addition, the strengths and weaknesses of teachers are put on display which gives us the opportunity to determine if we need to get a developmental session for the teachers.
“It also helps us to use artistic teachers to do exhibitions, for example,’ We can say that St. John’s Secondary School has a good art teacher and we can use her (that teacher) to actually do an exhibition or another school has a good print making teacher and vice versa . So basically we can use these teachers to develop the artistic skills in our country and also we can know how to use teachers in developmental programmes.”


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